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What is the safest horse riding helmet?

Safety is always very important and on the top list when you are riding the horse. Even very small negligence may be fatal in the event of the accident. Nothing offers protection during horse riding than the helmet. It is essential to choose the safest horse riding helmet that will provide comfort and safety. What is the most reliable horse riding helmet? Horse riding helmets have a different level of protection and there are many helmets in the market, which means you need to choose the helmet which best suits you. With the safest helmet, you are more likely to survive the accident with few or no injuries. This means you will always be safe when you are riding the horse, given that it is a sports competition or just normal riding.

Factors to consider when buying the safest horse riding helmet


The first thing you need to consider is the protective technology of the horse riding helmet because this is the key function. If the helmet does not offer above standard or standard head safety, it is best not to buy it. The most decent helmets are certified so that you don’t fall on the substandard helmet. Besides, stronger cushioning not only guarantees comfort but also better protection against impacts. A stronger shell material absorbs shocks.

Durability and quality

Typically, for the helmet to be worthy, it is clear that it must last a long time. Durability must be the key factor when purchasing the safest horse riding helmets, as they somehow tear and wear, especially in high-risk disciplines, like gaming and event where falls are more common. The quality of material making the shell is generally a good indication of durability. Thinner plastic shells tend to break much more quickly than ABS plastic and polycarbonate.


Comfort is undoubtedly the deciding factor in deciding which safest horse riding helmets best suits your needs. This is subjective, depending on the shape of the head and the personal comfort features. In general, the most comfortable horse riding helmets have efficient integrated ventilation and an extensive internal padding system that allows air circulation in the head to control sweat. Also, it must be lightweight to have adjustable chin straps and not having flimsy materials.


Style is an essential factor to consider when buying the safest horse riding helmets, especially for the competitive riders who require a specific riding helmet style for each of their respective disciplines. Also, it depends a lot on your taste, but it’s crucial to choose the helmet that you can wear and feel safe, both casual and show. Many riders choose the helmet, which comes with or without the black velvet covering.

Best safest horse riding helmet


1.Medalist Helmet

When looking for the safest horse riding helmet which has the gold-medal style then Medalist Helmet guarantees you all. In the illustration, it comes with super ventilation and durable velveteen which make it safe for any serious rider. Also, this horse riding helmet is lightweight, which enhance comfortability.

Additionally, Medalist Helmet has a cool-on lining which is fast-drying and soft to pull away from the head hence making you fresh in the entire ride. Also, it has the pretty low-profile and black appearance which optimize airflow which is cool across the back and top air vents.


  • Has gold-medal style
  • Has super ventilation and durable velveteen
  • It is lightweight
  • Has the low-profile and black appearance

2.Ovation Protege Helmet

For the better-looking helmet which has the classic style and cosy fit then Ovation Protégé Helmet is the safest horse riding helmet to have. Its product is top-rated because of how it is lightweight, making you comfortable. In the same way, it has the vent space on the top, which provide enough airflow that causes the head fresh.

Besides, Ovation Protégé Helmet comes in various sizes from XL to XS, which make it fit any size of the head. Likewise, it is equipped with the cutting-edge high-density ABS which offer protection all the time. Also, it comes with different colors which you can choose from like dark green, graphite, and denim, among others.


  • Classic style and cosy fit
  • It is lightweight
  • Has vent space on top
  • Come in various sizes from XL to XS
  • Has different colors

3.Troxel Performance Spirit Helmet

If you are looking for the low-profile helmet which is safe and fit for everyone, then Troxel Performance Spirit Helmet is the most reliable horse riding helmet to have. In particular, it has high-quality and durable material which make it last longer when in use. Besides, it has mesh-covered vents which facilitate breathability and air circulation.

Subsequently, Troxel Performance Spirit Helmet has a GPS II dial fitting system which provides cosy fit and form-fitting throughout. Equally, it comes with the removable liners which you can remove it easily when you want to wash to remove smelly or dirty.


  • High-quality and durability material
  • Mesh covered vents
  • GPS II dial fitting system
  • ?Has removable liners

4.Troxel Spirit Horseback Helmet

Troxel Spirit Riding Horseback Helmet is known as the excellent choice to youths and kids as the safest horse riding helmet. Firstly, it is attached with the washable and removable liner which help to remove dirty and smelly. Secondly, the 7 distinctive cooling vents assist in giving incredible support and breathability.

Thirdly, it has durable material which makes it hard to break it hence offering safety when riding the horse. Fourthly, it comes with affordable price which everyone can buy it. Likewise, it comes with different colors providing different choices for everyone.


  • Washable and removable liner
  • 7 distinctive cooling vents
  • Has durable material
  • Come in different colors

5.IRH 4G Horseback Helmet

If you’re looking for the safest horse riding helmet that has stylish microfiber suede cover then IRH 4G Horseback Helmet is the best. It has matte finish together with a more streamlined profile which makes the helmet suitable for the rider. In a like manner, it comes with the maximum ventilation ports which are used to keep the whole riding fresh and enjoyable.

Similarly, IRH 4G Horseback Helmet is SEI/ASTM certified, which comes with sufficient front ventilation that assists you to stay cool during the long ride. Even more, it has two snap-in liners made of fast and hi-tech drying cool-on fabric which provide the custom fit.


  • Has matte finish
  • Maximum ventilation ports
  • It is SEI/ASTM certified
  • Two snap-in liners

6.IRH Equi-Pro Helmet

IRH Equi-Pro Helmet is the safest horse riding helmet because it comes with the sturdy material. Notably, it comes with different finishes which give you various options to choose the one fit you. In addition, it has many exciting colors which means you can change the riding helmet as per the gear.

Furthermore, this helmet has a lightweight design make it comfortable when you are wearing and cannot make you feel tired when wearing it. The interior has Cool-On lining which absorbs every moisture hence making you comfortable and dry.


  • Has sturdy material
  • Many exciting colors
  • Has different finishes
  • Made of lightweight design
  • Interior has Cool-On lining

7.Altshuler Equestrian Helmet

This is the safest horse riding helmet which comes with a wrap in every side to protect the forehead and the back of the head. For instance, it comes with seven netted airflow vents, three at the back and four in the front to allow enough airflow hence keeping your head fresh. On the other hand, it has the padding which provides an optimal impact absorption.

Additionally, Altshuler Equestrian Helmet comes with dual straps and comfortable chin guard which hold in place the helmet and offer comfort when worn. Likewise, it is sold together with duty and heavy canvas sports bag which is ideal for storing extra gear like boots, harnesses, and helmet when you are travelling.


  • Seven netted airflow vents
  • Has the padding
  • Dual straps and comfortable chin guard
  • Duty and heavy canvas sports bag

One K helmet is the safest horse riding helmet which is designed for safety and for those who love good looking. It has the synthetic-suede-covered polycarbonate shell which is injection-molded offering protection in case an accident happens. Also, it has inventive stainless steel which covers the vents to keep you fresh on hot days.

Indeed, it comes with a hook and adjustable loop which are handy for comfortability when you want to wear or remove it. Additionally, washable anti-microbial liner makes your helmet remain clean and hygienic when taking part in the sports or normal riding.


  • Synthetic-suede-covered polycarbonate shell
  • Inventive stainless steel
  • Hook and adjustable loop
  • Washable anti-microbial liner

9.Troxel Dakota Helmet

This helmet is known for having ultra-lightweight and low profile hence making it the safest horse riding helmet. It comes with extended length sun-visor which offer excellent sun protection to protect the eyes from the sun. Also, it has the SureFit Pro fitting system, which makes it comfortable when wearing it.

Moreover, Troxel Dakota Helmet has the removable, washable headliner which provides outstanding ventilation within your helmet, making the air inside clean and fresh. Likewise, it comes with seven large vents which allow the air to flow in and out, making you have good breathe the entire riding.


  • Extended length sun-visor
  • SureFit Pro fitting system
  • Removable and washable headliner
  • Has seven large vents

10.IRH Equi-Pro Helmet

IRH Equi-Pro Helmet is known as the safest horse riding helmet because it comes with a dial fit system, which is simple to tighten and loosen to offer maximum comfort during the ride. Notably, it comes with a front venting system which ensures effective air movement on top of the head. More importantly, the cool-on-lining is soft and fast-drying, which is designed to pull the moisture away hence keeping the head cool and comfortable.

Moreover, IRH Equi-Pro Helmet comes with removable and washable lining, which make easy to remove dirt and smell from the helmet. Also, it comes with a 3-year warranty to protect you in case there is an accident that will happen when you are using it.


  • Front venting system
  • Has the cool-on-lining
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Has a 3-year warranty


When looking for the safest horse riding helmets, you can choose one of these. These helmets are the best in the market for they are the first-notch products that offer the best service. Besides, these helmets meet the quality standards before they are taken in the market. With this list, you are sure of getting the best helmet that will protect your head or the loved one while riding. Also, these helmets come at a reasonable price, which means anyone can buy them.

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