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What Are Hoof Boots and Why We Use Them

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I’ve been asked this so many times that it’s time to finally talk about this! So, now we’re going to talk about hoof boots, what they are and how and why we use them here. Hoof boots are a very useful tool in your toolbox for taking care of your horse. Well worth knowing about and trying if you haven’t already.

Here the links to the three main companies I talked about:

Easy Care

Renegade Hoof Boots


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13 thoughts on “What Are Hoof Boots and Why We Use Them

  1. Hoping you can help…I have a horse with very LOW soles in front! Can you recommend a boot for front for her to just be comfortable in pasture? She isn’t ever ridden. She’s always sore unless ground is extremely soft. Thank you!

  2. As luck would have it, I've seen reference to boots for horses quite often, but they were never explained. I was getting ready to ask you about horse boots. I saw your video where you discussed horse shoes and the fact that you don't use them. Then I had a question regarding protecting hooves – especially those that are compromised for what ever reason. This video just answered my questions regarding boots. Thank you! Now I won't have to ask. When I think of it, pretty much since the first time I was aware of horses, I never had a very good feeling about horse shoes. We only have to look to our own feet to know why they would be bad for the horse's feet.

  3. perhaps plan out what to say first and gather what you need first, this is a interesting topic and am grateful for the info but it's a bit flaky with the breaks and interruptions. Last few minutes was very good. Really interested in a soaker boot, haven't heard about that before in my country.

  4. Wondering……..
    If using boots for the first time, ie: removing shoes and trying to switch to barefoot, if riding in fairly deep footing what do you do about the sand and or other arena footing getting inside the boot?
    I’m thinking this could be rather uncomfortable for the horse, as well as potentially damaging to the hoof itself.

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