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3 Best Quick-Release Overreach Boots 2020 Review

Overreach boots, or bell boots, are bell-shaped boots made for horses to protect the front of their foot area from being injured when they’re training or exercising and the hind leg overreaches and scratches or brushes up against the front leg. This can be very painful for a horse and even cause serious damage to […]

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7 Best Brushing Boots for Cross Country: 2020 Review Pros and Cons

Introduction Most people have heard the term “cross country,” but when it applies to horses, what exactly does it mean? Simply put, when a horse participates in this type of event, it participates in an event that is designed to pit the horse and its owner against rough terrain, time and obstacle challenges, and even […]

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5 Best Dressage Boots for Horses 2020 Review

Introduction Horses wear different types of boots for different reasons, and if you ever see boots on the lower part of a horse’s legs, it is usually for one of two reasons: to protect the horse from damaging its legs while exercising or training, and to provide the horse with a little extra support, especially […]