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Standing Wraps Versus Polo Wraps: Pros and Cons of Each

Both standing wraps and polo wraps are bandages used to provide support and protection for a horse’s legs during various types of activities, and each of them offers its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re curious about the differences between standing vs. polo wraps, the first thing you need to do is decide what you’re planning to do with the wraps, and this can help you decide which of these wraps is right for you.

What Are Standing Wraps?

Standing wraps or bandages are also called stable bandages and are used mostly for protection against minor cuts and bruises, as well as to reduce swelling or even to protect an injury or wound and keep it clean. In fact, for protection or support of the leg, you can’t beat a standing wrap, so they do indeed provide a very important function. Many horse owners also place them on the horse’s legs when shipping or transporting the horse from one location to another.

However, just like other products, standing or stable wraps provide a few disadvantages as well. One of the main disadvantages concerns placing the wraps on the leg properly. Although it isn’t terribly difficult, there is still a certain way it has to be done, and if you apply the wraps incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good. For this reason, it is recommended that you talk to your vet before wrapping the horse’s leg the first time, and allow yourself some practice time so you can improve over time.

If standing wraps are applied incorrectly, it can cause pressure points to occur in certain spots on the leg, which can cause pain, discomfort, or even some swelling. In addition, if you end the process by closing the bandages on the inside of the legs, the closures can catch on one another and may cause the bandage to dislodge or open, which makes it much more likely to fall off in the end.

So as you can see, most of the disadvantages associated with standing wraps have to do with how you place them on your horse’s legs. Once you learn to do it correctly, therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems experiencing these things.

What About Polo Wraps?

Many horse owners consider polo wraps to be for decoration only and believe they have no real value when it comes to the horse’s health or comfort, but is this a realistic assessment? Polo wraps are used for some of the same reasons that people use standing wraps for, including protection from minor injuries and for transporting the horse to another location. Polo wraps can also be used for general riding activities and for turnouts, and in some cases even lungeing, which is a specific exercise/training method.

Polo wraps are usually made out of a stretchy material and, like standing wraps, can come in a variety of colors and sizes. If you’re curious about the standing vs. polo wrap debate, think of it this way: if your horse has an injury or needs extra support and protection, standing wraps will likely work best. Polo wraps are used when riding or exercising the animal, and sometimes just because you want them to look good.

If the horse is injured, you’ll want to use a standing wrap because it provides the horse with the support it needs while it’s recuperating. Polo wraps still support a horse’s tendons and ligaments but are used mostly as a way to prevent injuries while the horse is being exercised or ridden. If you’re wondering what to do with your own horse, you can consult with your veterinarian so you can make the right decision in the end.

In addition, below are some of the standing wraps and polo wraps made by reputable companies and which have millions of very satisfied customers.

Intrepid International Standing Bandages

Made in a 5.5” x 12’ size, these standing wraps are machine-washable and will never fade or shrink over time. You can purchase this set of four for roughly $22, and the touch-tape closure makes it easy for your horse to get a perfect fit every time. They also come in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, hunter green, red, and of course, black, and they provide just the right amount of flexibility and stretchiness to make them comfortable without being too tight. With these bandages, your horse will get the support it needs to stay comfortable the entire time.

Centaur Deluxe Standing Wraps

Available in colors that include black, white, teal, and blue, these standing wraps are made out of 100% polyester and are, therefore, easy to wash and keep clean. In fact, the set of four comes with its own laundry bag to make cleaning them even easier. Lightweight and easy to apply, the wraps are roughly 2.5” x 8’ in size and provide just the right amount of pressure to keep the horse supported and protected regardless of the activity it’s participating in. Their versatility is just one of the reasons they are such a good standing wrap.

Perri’s Standing Bandages – Set of 4

Made out of tough polyester, these standing bandages come in a one-size-fits-all design and costs only $25 for a set of four. The Velcro closure provides the perfect fit every time, and the 5.5” x 9’ design is perfect for horses of all sizes. The bandages are also machine-washable and, therefore, easy to keep clean, and they can be used in a variety of activities, making them a very versatile product as well as an affordable one.

Equisential Standing Wraps in a Universal Size

Made by a division of Professional’s Choice known as Equisential, these high-quality standing wraps are sold in sets of four and cost only around $34 for all four bandages. They are available in black and three other colors and are made with a tightly knit fabric and hook-and-loop closure for a sturdy fit every time. Each wrap is 5.5” x 12’ in size and super-easy to clean because all you do is put them in the washing machine!

Derby Originals Set of 4 Polo Wraps

In any discussion of standing vs. polo wraps, you naturally want the very best product on the market, and these polo wraps are both a high-quality product and an affordable one. Available in colors such as pink, blue, purple, and green, you get all four bandages for just under $17, making them perfect for horse owners on a budget. Perfect to use while shipping or even during regular workouts, they are suitable for all horses, even those that are full-sized.

Back on Track Therapeutic Polo Wraps

These machine-washable, easy-to-apply polo wraps come in four different sizes and in both black and white. They provide warmth and heat to your horse’s legs as you ride, allowing a therapeutic effect that allows your horse to remain pain-free the entire time. They conform to the leg perfectly without being too tight or too loose, and they can be used on any horse except for pregnant mares. The state-of-the-art fabric allows them to produce heat without becoming too hot, and all you have to do to keep them clean is throw them in the washing machine and let them air dry afterward.

Rural365 Polo Wraps – Set of 4

Available in colors such as navy blue, turquoise, and white, these polo wraps are made with brushed pile fleece that allows the horse to remain comfortable and well-supported regardless of what it’s doing. Even strenuous exercises are no problem for the horse if it’s wearing these wraps, and at around $14 for a set of four bandages, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to protect and support your horse’s legs. They come with an attachment strip that allows for the perfect fit every time, and they are super-easy to apply and remove.

Lift Sports Set of 4 Polo Wraps

These polo wraps are inexpensive, but still provide the support you’re looking for when exercising or riding your horse. If you’ve considered every angle of the standing vs. polo wrap debate and have chosen polo wraps, these are definitely a set to consider. At roughly $16 for a set of four, these wraps are both affordable and functional, and they come in colors such as maroon, blue, orange, purple, and pink, among others. Made out of high-quality fleece, these wraps offer the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and stretchiness, and they are easy to apply and remove as well.

Tough-1 Polo Wraps

In a 5” x 2.5’ size, these wraps are perfect for horses of all sizes, and the quick-grip closure means they will fit perfectly every time without being too tight or too loose. The combination of elastic support with comfortable fleece means it offers everything you’re looking for in a polo wrap, and at roughly $20 for a set of four, they are both efficient and affordable. Perfect for shipping, racing, and many other activities, the wraps are also shock-resistant and, therefore, will never cause pain or discomfort in your horse’s legs. They also come in colors such as red, blue, pink, hunter green, and many others, making them fun for your horse to wear.

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