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How Long Can You Leave Standing Wraps on a Horse?

The best part about applying a standing wrap to your horse’s legs is that it can be used for many different purposes. Whether your horse is exercising, recuperating from an injury, or just needs a little extra support in the lower-leg area, a wrap can be the perfect solution. Standing wraps, or stable bandages as they are sometimes called, usually have some type of padding underneath them, providing the horse with the ultimate in comfort and protection.

Wraps Are Used for a Variety of Reasons

Standing wraps are used for numerous reasons, but the most common reasons include:

  • Support so that the horse can feel a little more confident on its legs
  • Protection from injuries as it is training or exercising
  • Warmth for when it’s cold outside or you merely want to increase the circulation in its legs
  • To prevent swelling and discomfort

If you’ve considered all of the reasons for using these wraps yet you’re wondering how long you can safely keep them on your horse, just know that the answer you get may differ depending on who provides it to you. As with other types of lower-leg support, bandages or wraps shouldn’t be kept on a horse 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect balance when you know your horse can benefit from these wraps for one reason or another.

Just the Basics

Standing wraps are usually made out of either wool or some type of man-made fabric, and the best size to purchase is roughly 5” in width and 7’ in length, providing you with enough wrap to finish the leg without running out or having too much left over. Although most wraps are designed to fit over some type of padding, many brands recommend that you use them without any padding.

In fact, most standing wraps come with both the wrap and the underlying padding, usually called a quilted wrap and made out of some type of medical cotton. If you’re curious about how long your horse should continue wearing the wrap, a lot of it will depend on why it’s wearing it in the first place. In most cases, the wraps are made for a temporary condition or problem, so they won’t need to stay on your horse’s legs for too long.

Even with long-term use, it’s good to take the bandages or wraps off after a 24-hour period before you rewrap the leg. This is good because it provides the horse with a little relief from the constant pressure that the bandages or wraps provide. Frankly, horse legs need a breather from the wraps every now and then!

The Verdict

Different experts will tell you different things when you’re curious how long you should keep standing wraps on a horse’s legs, but most of them will tell you that no type of wrap, bandage, or even boot should remain on a horse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re using these products to reduce swelling, help a horse recuperate from an injury, or to help prevent an injury while they’re being ridden, you should always consider wraps and bandages temporary measures only.

At the very most, wraps and bandages should be kept on the horse for no more than 24 hours at a time. After this timeframe is up, you can reapply the bandages, but you should always remove the current bandages first and apply fresh, clean bandages afterward. If possible, let the legs air out in between applications so that they can get some fresh air and a little rest from the tightness and firmness of the bandage itself.

Wearing wraps constantly can also provide a little too much support for the legs, which means that once the wraps are removed, the horse can actually have problems galloping or exercising without them. Your horse should never become so used to the wraps that it can’t function without them, which is yet another reason to use wraps and bandages only when absolutely necessary.

If you’re curious about some of the best standing wraps on the market, below are a few that consistently get high marks from their customers and come from reputable companies.

Classic Equine Quilted Standing Wraps

If you’re looking for standing wraps that provide the perfect amount of pressure and do a great job of reducing swelling in the legs, this is the product you need. Made out of a quilted material that comes complete with its own padding, these wraps are sold in sets of four so that you can have two for the front legs and two for the hind legs. They are available in a neutral black color and even have bound edges so that no dirt, dust, or grime can sneak in between the wraps and the horse’s legs.

Tough-1 Standing Wraps in Various Colors

Available in purple, black, and numerous other colors, these standing wraps are made with fine-gauge knitting to provide you with a high-quality wrap that is great regardless of what you’re using it for. It comes in a 5.5” x 9’ size that is just right for most horses, and a set of four wraps sells for only around $28. If you’re looking for something to keep your horse secure and clean and expect a wrap that will last for a very long time, the standing wraps made by Tough-1 are certain not to disappoint.

Centaur Deluxe Standing Wraps

Available in colors that include black, white, teal, and blue, these standing wraps are made out of 100% polyester and are, therefore, easy to wash and keep clean. In fact, the set of four comes with its own laundry bag to make cleaning them even easier. Lightweight and easy to apply, the wraps are roughly 2.5” x 8’ in size and provide just the right amount of pressure to keep the horse supported and protected regardless of the activity it’s participating in. Their versatility is just one of the reasons they are such a good standing wrap.

Toklat Standing Wraps

The Toklat standing wraps are available in two sizes and five different colors, including red, green, blue, white, and basic black. The sizes include 6 x 9 and 6 x 12, and because they are a little larger than many other types of standing wraps, they provide great leg support and the perfect amount of pressure regardless of why you decided to buy them in the first place. The wraps are machine-washable and come in a set of four for only around $31, making them both a top-quality standing wrap and a wrap that anyone can afford. They even come with their own laundry bag to make cleaning them easier.

Professional’s Choice Standing Wraps for Horses

Made out of a poly fleece material and available in several different colors, these will keep your horse’s legs comfortable regardless of how long you keep them on. The exterior is made out of ventilated neoprene and comes with hook-and-loop closures for a perfect fit every time. With this type of wrap, heat and moisture can escape quickly, allowing the horse to stay cool and comfortable for long periods of time. Sold in pairs and available in either black or chocolate-brown, these standing wraps are easy to apply and can be used for treating injuries or even for shipping, making them a very versatile addition to your collection of horse supplies and accessories.

Equisential Standing Wraps in a Universal Size

Made by a division of Professional’s Choice known as Equisential, these high-quality standing wraps are sold in sets of four and cost only around $34 for all four bandages. They are available in black and three other colors and are made with a tightly knit fabric and hook-and-loop closure for a sturdy fit every time. Each wrap is 5.5” x 12’ in size and super-easy to clean because all you do is put them in the washing machine!

Partrade Bandage Wraps for Horses in 2-Pack Set

If your horse has an injury that involves a strained tendon or any type of soft-tissue injury, these wraps are the perfect product to buy. You get a pack of two wraps for around $22, and the super-soft texture is perfect for keeping your horse comfortable regardless of which activity it’s participating in. Lightweight and easy to apply, these 14-inch bandages are perfect for horses of most sizes, in part because they provide just the right amount of protection and support that the horse needs for a variety of activities and movements.

Intrepid International Standing Bandages

Made in a 5.5” x 12’ size, these standing wraps are machine-washable and will never fade or shrink over time. You can purchase this set of four for roughly $22, and the touch-tape closure makes it easy for your horse to get a perfect fit every time. They also come in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, hunter green, red, and of course, black, and they provide just the right amount of flexibility and stretchiness to make them comfortable without being too tight. Regardless of how long you plan to keep them on your horse, it will get the support it needs to stay comfortable the entire time.

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