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How Do I Choose the Right Horse Boots for My Horse?

Horse Boots

The best way to determine how to choose the best horse boots for your horse is to first decide which condition you’re trying to remedy or why you want the boots in the first place. These boots are made for specific purposes and for all types of horses, so it’s good to study the various types so that the best ones can be chosen in the end. Although there are numerous types of boots made for horses, below are the five most common types.

All-Purpose Splint Boots

Just like the name says, these horse boots are a great all-purpose shoe that usually have a reinforced inner strike area for extra support. They are available in numerous designs, sizes, and even colors, and to make things even better, they are usually extremely affordable and, therefore, you won’t break the bank by purchasing them.

Cross-Country Jumping Boots

If you and your horse are into cross-country training, these are the boots you need. Lightweight, but very strong, these horse boots have durable strike pads that provide great protection to the horse’s inner leg, and they almost always have heavy-duty hook and loop closures for a comfortable and proper fit. They are made out of materials that don’t soak up any water, which means there is no added weight, and they are super-easy to clean.

In addition to all of this, they can even be specially designed for a certain event, even including the team or stable colors as part of the boots’ design.

Dressage/Flat Work Boots

These boots are designed to protect the horse’s leg from interference and can even replace polo wraps when you wish to save time. Usually lined with fleece or neoprene, the boots are made out of materials that you can easily clean with plain water. They are not designed to be worn in a dressage test, but do consist of a lot of ambiance and elegance to give them a great aesthetic appeal.

Open Front Jumping Boots

Thanks to the open front of these horse boots, horses are naturally a little more careful jumping because they can feel if a fence pole hits them. The boots are made out of various types of materials and usually have reliable closures, including elastic straps, for the perfect fit and comfort. They also do a great job of protecting the tendons in the horse’s back leg.

Support Boots

Just like the name suggests, these horse boots are specifically made for support, especially in the ligament and tendon area. If you own a horse that is prone to certain injuries, including suspensory injuries, this is a great type of boot to purchase. They consist of straps that wrap around the fetlock joint, and they even come in a variety of designs and colors.

There are also boots made for several different purposes and which combine the benefits of two or more types of boots, so regardless of what your own horse needs, you can easily research the various types of boots to get exactly what you need in the end.

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