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Top 10 Horse Fly Rugs 2020 review | With Images

Part of the essential wardrobe for summer fly protection is a fly rug for your horse.  Irritation and bites from horse flies and other insects can make your horse’s life a misery and can even prove dangerous for horses who suffer from allergic reactions or who might injure themselves in an attempt to get away […]


5 Amazing Hi-Tech products to help care for your horse

Horse aps and tech is the latest and biggest impact on the equine world in the last two decades.  Seen as a bastion of tradition and good old-fashioned hard work – Alexa hasn’t yet learned how to muck out or clean tack – the equestrian industry is finally embracing technology and the innovative apps that […]

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English Saddles and their history

English saddles are used to ride horses in English riding disciplines throughout the world. The discipline is not limited to England, the United Kingdom in general or other English-speaking countries. This style of saddle is used in all of the Olympic and International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) equestrian disciplines, except for the newly approved […]

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Cashel Leg Guards | Prevent fly bites by using leg guards

For equestrians, the summer is all about flies.  How much they trouble your horse depends on the type of horse, how and where you keep him and even his colour. Horses are troubled by flies in different ways:- Some horses can be covered in flies and remain completely oblivious whereas others will be driven to […]

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How often should horse riding helmets be replaced?

Most horse riders know that a riding hat or helmet should be replaced after a fall.  This is because there can be damage to the internal structure of the hat which is not always visible externally.  But riding hat manufacturers also recommend that you replace your helmet every five years or so even if you […]