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Where to Buy Horse Boots: Online or in Person?

One of the most important questions every horse owner needs to answer is how they are going to go about buying horse boots. Boots are one of the most essential pieces of equestrian equipment, as they provide your horse’s hooves and legs with much-needed protection. You need to make sure your horse has the best horse boots possible. That said, what that looks like will vary from horse to horse, and other considerations such as style and cost can also play a huge role in determining which horse boots are best for your horse.

That raises the question of where to buy horse boots – online or in person?

The Benefits of Buying in Person

If you have ever tried buying clothes for yourself off the Internet, you know what a treacherous path that is to trod. You may think that those pants or that sweater looks like it will fit you perfectly, and that the fabric is perfect, but when it actually arrives, it’s a totally different, itchy, ill-fitting story. The same can hold true with horse boots. You want to make sure that they fit, and that can be difficult to ascertain from online listings.

One of the biggest upsides to buying horse boots in person, therefore, is the ability to examine them first-hand or even try them on your horse before buying. Style guides can vary, so in-person fitting can help ensure that you’re getting horse boots which are a perfect fit for your mount.

In addition, buying the boots in person can allow you to take advantage of staff’s insight and expertise. Online shopping offers many advantages, but it still cannot match or replace being able to get all of your questions answered clearly and expertly in real-time. The best horse boot stores are staffed with experts who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about equestrianism. They can help with everything from explaining the pros and cons of different boots and models to finding the right fit for your horse.

The Benefits Of Buying Online

Conversely, the biggest benefit to buying online is convenience. Equestrianism is a wonderful niche, but it is a niche nonetheless, and finding a well-stocked, well-staffed horse boot store near you can be difficult, especially in places where horse riding is not very prevalent. With online shopping, no matter where you live, the perfect horse boots are just a few clicks away.

The online world also tends to have a bigger, better selection for shoppers, and that trend holds true with horse boots. Shopping online from company-specific stores or mass retailers such as Amazon and eBay allows you to choose from not just the best horse boot manufacturers in the world, but also their best-reviewed models. This enables you to choose from any number of colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect option to accentuate your horse’s appearance for dressage competitions.

The Best Outlets

In the end, whether you want to shop online or in person, the question of “where” gives way to “who.” That’s why the best names in equestrian equipment and horse boots often sell their products both online and in person. Some of the most popular and distinguished horse boot companies in the US and UK to offer this dual option include the following:

With all the variables that go into finding the right fit for your horse, ultimately, the question of where to buy horse boots—online or in person—comes down to which option is the “best fit” for you as the shopper.

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