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How to Choose the Best Horse Boots for Show Jumping, Dressage, and Turnout

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of horse riding or are at home in the saddle, finding the right boots can be a big challenge.

Chances are you’ve already heard about some of the most basic boot differences. Leather boots may be more comfortable, and certainly have style points going for them, but due to their price and difficulty to clean and maintain, they’re not always the best for beginners. Rubber boots may be a bit tight and restrictive, but their lower price point and expansion of fashionable options make them a viable alternative for new riders. Longer boots offer more cover, but can take getting used to.

But what about boots for your horse?

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common types of horse boots, what they’re used for, and whether they may be right for you and your horse.

Cross Country Jumping Boots

These boots, as the name would imply, are designed with show jumping in mind. While you probably won’t be doing this when you’re first learning how to ride a horse, you may want to do so someday, and if you do, you’ll want to make sure your horse’s hoofs and legs are properly supported and protected.

Boots such as these from Arma do that. They are typically made from lightweight, sturdy material, and feature durable pads that can provide the interior of your horse’s leg with added protection. This type of horse boot attaches with heavy duty hook and loop closures, and, despite the fact they do not absorb water, they are usually easy to clean.

Open Front Jumping Boots

Here we have another type of show jumping boots which, as the name implies, open at the front. Open front boots, such as these from Zelro, attach with elastic straps paired with traditional hook and stud closures. The open front allows a horse to feel the area around it better, which can help them be more cautious. If they can feel the area around them, they’ll have a better idea of when they are in danger, and thus will be more careful about jumping.

Dressage Boots

A blend of art and sport, dressage done right is a picture of elegance. For that to be possible, however, your horse has to be equipped with horse boots that protect them while still allowing for enough maneuverability to pull off all those big jumps and fancy moves.

Dressage boots are typically lined with a kind of fleece or neoprene material that provide extra support. These materials can be cleaned with a little water. You also want boots that are good for turnout time, and these boots can be great for that as well.

Of course, dressage is about elegance and grace, so it should come as no surprise that colors and styles are some of the biggest factors in selecting dressage boots from makers CATAGO which are designed with both beauty and durability in mind.

Splint Boots

When horses run or jump as they do in equestrian sports, there’s a risk of one hoof striking their opposite foot. These horse boots, like these from Southwestern Equine, feature added neoprene protection against that.

From jumping over hurdles to turnout time to the elegance of dressage, having the right horse boots can help ensure your horse is equipped to handle all aspects of equine activity.

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