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A Quick Look at Different Types of Horse Boots and Polo Wraps

Having the right pads and protective gear is essential for any athlete, and the same holds true for horses. Equine activities vary greatly in terms of the demands they place on horses’ bodies, and so it’s important to make sure that our horses are protected with the right type of horse boot for each occasion. So, what are some of those activities, and how can the right horse boot help?

Jumping Boots

If you are engaging in show jumping, you’re going to need to make sure that they have jumping boots that can help protect them and lessen the pressure exerted on their hooves and legs. It is advisable to find open front jumping boots for horses, as these can help horses feel their way around better, giving them a better idea of their surroundings and thus helping to avoid accidents.

Dressage Boots

Few sports are more elegant or graceful than dressage. When done right, there is a real sense of synergy between mount and rider, which is truly magnificent. To get the most out of your horse while engaging in dressage, you’ll want to make sure that you’re selecting dressage horse boots that offer protection and anti-chafing materials while still exuding the elegance expected in the sport.

Polo Wraps

If you play polo regularly, you’ll want to make sure your horse’s legs are treated properly after each game. Polo wraps can help do just that, and can also be useful for protecting young horses’ legs. These are often made of soft fleece which can provide protection while being soft to the touch and affording comfort to your horse as well.

Bell Boots

These can be ideal for helping protect your horse’s hooves. Bell boots come in a variety of colors and styles, from plastic ones to sheepskin options. These horse boots drape over your horse’s hooves, affording them added protection without being cumbersome, thus making them a great choice for everything from casual use to dressage.

Stable and Fly Boots

Even if you put your horse in the loveliest of stables, standing in them can cause horses’ legs to swell. You don’t want that to happen, which is why stable boots are so important.

Whether or not you’ve ever been to a stable, you know that where there are horses, there are usually flies. If you’re entering your horse in a dressage competition, where elegance and grace are so much a part of the evaluation process, having flies buzz around your horse won’t exactly wow the judges on your behalf. If you are looking to take your horse show jumping, you cannot afford any distractions, and flies buzzing in your face or your horse’s hindquarters certainly qualifies as a distraction you simply can’t have. We don’t like being buzzed by flies, and neither do our horses.

It goes beyond mere aesthetics and distractions. You don’t want your horse’s legs and hooves to be exposed to horsefly or mosquito bites, either.

Makers such as Shires Arma Products do a great job of manufacturing fly boots which effectively repel flies while providing solid protection for your horse.

There are many types of horse boots and accessories, each designed to offer comfort and protection to your horses no matter the condition, thereby ensuring a safer and happier future for them.

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